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I am considering creating a beta for this concept I came up with called Conversational Content Management. The demo integrates with Alfresco via CMIS but the community edition doesn't allow you to access content as a guest. What I am looking for is the ability to create content externally (i.e. not within the CMS framework) using a mature and well documented API. Here are some alternatives that I am currently considering.

Does anybody here have any experience with the above technologies? If so, then how well did it work out for you? Does anybody have an alternative approach? I'd like to hear about it before I invest a lot more time.

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Maybe not the first choice after all. extranet.subshell.com/display/Toromiro/… –  Glenn May 23 '11 at 3:50

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I ended up going with Hippo CMS and integrating via JCR. The architecture also includes packaging up the manager as a thrift service.

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Apache Sling is not a CMS in the strict sense but rather (among others) a REST API on top of a Java Content Repository. Maybe you do not need a full fledged CMS after all?

Re Magnolia: afaik the jcr api is not ment to be used directly, i.e. by bypassing the Magnolia CMS. REST support is in development if I remember correctly.

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