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I'm developing an application that includes a broadcast receiver. The broadcast receiver sets a notification onReceive(), which includes a pending Intent

Intent updateHistoryIntent = new Intent(this, NotificationsHistory.class);
updateHistoryIntent.putExtra("test", 3);
PendingIntent updateHistoryPendingIntent 
    = PendingIntent.getActivity(this, 0, updateHistoryIntent, 0);

Notification notification 
    = new Notification(icon, contentTitle, System.currentTimeMillis());
   context, contentTitle, 
   contentText, updateHistoryPendingIntent

In the NotificationsHistory Activity, I am receiving this Intent in onResume() with:

int testInt = this.getIntent().getIntExtra("test", -1);
Aux.log("test : " + testInt);

which prints:

  • 3: when the activity was destroyed
  • -1: when the activity was sleeping

If I read the docs correctly, this.getIntent() will return the Intent that initially started the Activity and the behavior I described is as expected.

So my question is: How can I get the Intent that woke up my activity?

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when the activity was sleeping

Activities don't sleep. I am assuming that you mean that the activity was in the background.

How can I get the Intent that woke up my activity?

Add FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP|FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP as flags to your Intent. Then, your activity will get this Intent passed to it via onNewIntent().

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many thanks; worked great (esp. in combination with: protected void onNewIntent(Intent intent){setIntent(intent);} ) –  dimi May 22 '11 at 18:12

I think the problem is that when an activity is woken, getIntent() returns the intent that first started it.

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