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I have forgotten my keystore password and i don't really know what to do anymore(i can't or won't give any excuses for it). I want to update my app because i just fixed a bug but its not possible anymore. What happens if i use the same keystore but create a new key. would i still be able to update the app and if its not possible, how can i go about giving information to users about the updated version.

Please if anybody has had a problem like this or has come across troubles, what advice can you give to help remedy the situation if not solve it completely. Fortunately, it is a free app. Thank you!

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See this link

It's unfortunate, but when you lose your keystore, or the password to your keystore, your application is orphaned. The only thing you can do is resubmit your app to the market under a new key.

ALWAYS backup up your keystore and write the passwords down in a safe location.

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so the best i can do is just upload another version of the application and try to give a description from the title or from the previous app or something like that. right? –  manuelJ May 22 '11 at 19:55
Indeed, just unpublish your current app and replace it with a new version with the same title and description, and hope your users will eventually find it. Make sure you write your password down this time around ;) –  Shinigami May 23 '11 at 13:10

In case a wrong password is provided, even just once, it keeps saying on next attempts:

Keystore tampered with or password incorrect.

Even when you provide the correct one. I tried it several times, maybe it's some kind of protection.
Close the export wizard and start it again with the correct password, now it works :)

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This was it! :D Thanks –  Timotei Oct 11 at 8:29

For anyone else who may run across this, I wanted to share an answer that may be the case for you or for others browsing this article (like myself).

I am using Eclipse and created my keystore in it for my 1.0 release. Fast forward 3 months and I wanted to update it to 1.1. When I chose Export... in Eclipse and chose that keystore, none of my passwords that I could remember worked. Every time it said "Keystore tampered with or password incorrect." It got to a point where I was getting ready to run a brute force program on it for as long as I could stand (a week or so) to try to get it to work.

Luckily, I to sign my unsigned .apk file outside of Eclipse. Voila - it worked! My password had been correct the entire time! I'm not sure why, but signing it in Eclipse through the Export menu was reporting an error even when my password was correct.

So, if you're getting this error, here are my steps (taken from Android documentation) to help you get your apk ready for the market.

NOTE: To get unsigned apk from Eclipse: Right-click project > Android Tools > Export Unsigned Application

  1. Sign unsigned apk file with keystore

    a. open administrator cmd prompt and go to "c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_25\bin" or whatever version of java you have (where you have copied the unsigned apk file and your keystore)

    b. at cmd prompt with keystore file and unsigned apk in same directory, type this command: jarsigner -keystore mykeystorename.keystore -verbose unsigned.apk myaliasnamefromkeystore

    c. it will say: "Enter Passphrase for keystore:". Enter it and press Return.

    d. ===> Success looks like this:

    signing: classes.dex

    e. the unsigned version is overwritten in place, so your signed apk file is now at the same file name as the unsigned one

  2. Use ZipAlign to compact the signed apk file for distribution in the market

    a. open admin cmd prompt and go to "c:\AndroidSDK\tools" or wherever you installed the Android SDK

    b. enter this command: zipalign -v 4 signed.apk signedaligned.apk

    c. ===> Success looks like this:

    Verifying alignment of signedaligned.apk (4)
    50 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (OK - compressed)
    1047129 classes.dex (OK - compressed)
    Verification succesful

    d. the signed and aligned file is at signedaligned.apk (the filename you specified in the previous command)


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The reason you received an error about the password being incorrect is that the keyalg/sigalg/digestalg that is implicitly set was wrong. Different versions of Java have different defaults for these values. –  Will Vanderhoef Sep 4 '13 at 18:44
I was hell tensed when eclipse rejected my password, but it worked when I tried with your way, thank you ! –  Hardik4560 Sep 26 at 15:41

I wanted to provide my answer (better late than never), hopefully will be useful to someone.

To be able to sign and release updates, you need your private key password and not keystore password. Well, if they are same, then you're stuck.

In case they are different and you still remember your password for your private key run this command :
keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore path/to/keystore/with/forgotten/pw \
-destkeystore path/to/my/new.keystore

When prompted, create password for your new.keystore and for source keystore password just hit Enter.
You will get warning about integrity not checked, but you will get your new.keystore identical to previous with new password ready to use.
Note: to sign with new.keystore, you will still have to provide password for the key.

This is possible, because keystore password is only used to facilitate integrity of your keystore, it does not encrypt data with it, in contrast with private key password, which actually keeps your private key encrypted.

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Brute is your best bet!

Here is a script that helped me out:


You can optionally give it a list of words the password might include for a very fast recover (for me it worked in <1 sec)

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Saved me...haha. I will donate to this guy asap. –  UrielUVD Nov 11 at 0:57

Zach Klippenstein on Google+ had the same issue like you. You can follow the thread here: https://plus.google.com/+ZachKlippenstein/posts/6jshPnmn2PW

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