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I have a interesting problem with position: fixed in Opera Mobile 11:

Test page:

The red <div> should stay fixed on top. If I scroll page down, element moves a bit from top edge of viewport (exactly 93px in device pixels); but if I scroll up, element returns to correct position.

(Screenshot on HTC Desire):

Screenshot on HTC Desire

My findings:

  • Changing zoom level didn't help and didn't change element position from top edge.
  • It works correctly in Opera Mobile emulators (both 10.1b and 11)
  • Setting or removing "top" / "left" properties didn't help
  • Setting "z-index" or "display" properties to some value didn't fixed it
  • It shows this behavior even when I move viewport with window.scrollTo(x, y)
  • Setting "zoom" to "reset" didn't work
  • Mouse events get through this element to element under it (if it is in that incorrect position)
  • Trying IE hacks didn't work :)


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Info: Also broken in Opera Mobile 11.1 – kuvik Jul 1 '11 at 12:10

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This issue has been fixed internally, and the Opera Mobile 11.5 version should roll out with this working correctly.

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Unfortunately there is no fix for this, it seems to be a known bug at Opera and they are working on it. I worked around this bug by using a little Opera specific CSS hack and putting the div to position absolute in the mean time:

noindex:-o-prefocus, div { position: absolute; }

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I just verified in Opera 11.5 and can confirm that this is fixed. It now behaves as in Firefox Mobile, meaning the fixed position stays at the initial position before re-appearing into place… I suppose this is caused by performance issues but this isn't an elegant solution :( – yvg Oct 24 '11 at 16:49

It is a known issue at Opera and we are actively working on a fix. It is though a complex issue involving the painting when rendering.

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