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I am working on a controller that needs to run 4 or 5 datatabase queries all with the same basic where conditions. Since the conditions involve around a dozen if/else statements I'd like to avoid duplicating it within the model or re-running it 5 times if possible.

Is there an intelligent way to reuse the WHERE clauses from model function to function?

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Could you post some of your code to see what do you have exactly? – ONe May 22 '11 at 22:14

Use CI's Active Record Caching.

Example (verbatim from the linked page):



//Generates: SELECT `field1` FROM (`tablename`)


//Generates: SELECT `field1`, `field2` FROM (`tablename`)



//Generates: SELECT `field2` FROM (`tablename`)

WHERE clauses can be "cached" this way as well, so this should be what you need. If you must, move some cached AR calls into a function, and simply call the function at the beginning of each other function that needs it in your model. Each time you run a query, the cached functions will be called until you flush_cache()

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