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I've recently had a need to do a bit of lisp editing and I found the nifty Ready Lisp package for OS X, which is great, except Aquamacs automatically uses a proportional font (which is idiotic, IMHO) and I want to change it to a monospace font. However, I'm not really much of an EMACS user, and the preferences menu in Aquamacs is less than clear on where and how one might make such a change.

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This is what I have in my .emacs for OS X:

(set-default-font "-apple-bitstream vera sans mono-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-m-0-mac-roman")

Now, I'm not sure Bitstream Vera comes standard on OS X, so you may have to either download it or choose a different font. You can search the X font names by running (x-list-fonts "searchterm") in an ELisp buffer (e.g. *scratch* - to run it, type it in and then type C-j on the same line).

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In Aquamacs 2.1, you can set the font through Options->Appearance->Font for Text Mode... That brings up the standard font chooser window, choose the font you like. Then, when you exit out of emacs (C-x C-c) you'll be prompted to save options, hit "y".

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From the EmacsWiki Aquamacs FAQ:

To change the font used to display the current frame, go to the font panel. You can do this with the keystroke Apple-t, or via the menu: Options → Show/Hide → Font Panel. Once there, select the font you want.

To make the current frame’s font the default, go to Options → Frame Appearance Styles. Select “use current style for foo mode”, where foo is the mode of the current frame (e.g., foo=text for text mode), to use the current style (including the font, but also any other changes you’ve made to the frame’s style) for all files of this type. Select “use current style as default” to use the current style for all files for whose major mode no special style has been defined.

There are also recommendations for monospaced fonts - Monaco or "Vera Sans Mono".

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This is the best answer. Like others, I'm using DejaVu Sans Mono, which is an extension of Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. – khedron Oct 21 '14 at 16:05

this is the one I use:


You can set it in .emacs file like:

(set-default-font "-apple-DejaVu_Sans_Mono-medium-normal-normal-*-12-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1")

You can download it from

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