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I have a data-bound combobox on a Windows form. When I select an item, all of the other bound components update properly. However, the list of drop-down items changes so that the selected item is duplicated in the list. For example, here is the original list:

enter image description here

This is what the list looks like when I select an item:

enter image description here

The combobox is bound to a bindingsource that gets its data from a LINQ to SQL query. The Display Member is the SpecName, the Value Member is the SpecID and the Selected Value is the SpecID field in the bindingsource.

How can I correct this duplication behavior?

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Please provide us with your code. This will be helpful. Especially the code that runs when item changed. – Alex Aza May 22 '11 at 22:28
I have no code for any events for the combobox or its bindingsource. The only code is in the form's Load event, where I populate the bindingsource: Me.NSSpecificationBindingSource.DataSource = NSDBDataAccess.NSDataConduit.GetSpecifications – blueshift May 22 '11 at 23:17
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When I encountered a similar situation, the cause was the combobox Databindings|Text property.

I could duplicate the behavior described when this property was set to the relevant binding source and display field.

Setting the property to None caused the behavior to cease.

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I think it's similar to my problem 1 month ago,whene I filled the comboBox I did'nt clear my dataset so I had duplicate data in my comboBox, so I added ds.clear() before filling the comboBox in the code.

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