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It looks like the default font formatting for the textInput is a bit off. The margin at the top is less than at the bottom.

I've tried the setTextFormat, with defaultTextFormat and setTextFormat but it's not doing the trick.

var tf:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
tf.size = 16;
_autoComplete.textField.defaultTextFormat = tf;

Any ideas ???

I'm using Astra's autoComplete, but I don't think this is restricting it, though there is a slight chance that the field has an override.

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TextFormat will not help you (it's about text color, bold, italic and etc). You may try to do _autoComplete.textField.autoSize = flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT.

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Adjust the height of the TF

tf.height = tf.textHeight + X; // X - is the amount needed for you font to look corectly.

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