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I want to create new repository via http:// protocol. so I installed gitosis + webdav on ubuntu. I could clone and push from exsiting repository. but, When I create new repository on local and remote add origin http:// ~ and push it, I can not create new repository to server via http:// protocol. but, I can create new repository to server via git protocol.

Can I create new repository using with http protocol?

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Gitosis and WebDAV do not work together in any way.

If you want HTTP access then you should use the git-http-backend cgi script. If you want ssh access control while only using a single system user like gitosis offers then you should use gitolite which can be combined with the git-http-backend cgi script.

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Thanks for your comments. Can I create new repository use the git-http-backend? like "git remote add origin domain.com/example.git"; –  saltfactory May 24 '11 at 8:34
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