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I run on OSX and I don't have Dreamweaver. I use Coda but I need an HTML Source Formatting tool. Is there a web-based tool or other app for me?

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I can name a few. When I run OS X, I use (if available):

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If you are looking for a cloud based code editor, look at Ace editor, formerly Mozilla Bespin/Skywriter.

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If you want a decent online editor, take a look at CodeMirror or JsFiddle. They're definitely worth the 90 seconds to see if it fits your needs and its better than some software editors I've seen. This question also lists more, as does this one. FixMyHtml is good if you need to quickly reformat some code before editing it elsewhere.

Software Editors:

TextMate is amazing, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth 57$ after the free trial. BBEdit is 200$ and isn't as good as TextMate. According to their website:

"What sets BBEdit apart is its extensive professional feature set including Web authoring capabilities and software development tools."

In other words, BBEdit just for HTML editing is probably a bad choice.

Here's some free ones besides Coda that you mentioned:

TextWrangler is good and light-weight. Incidentally it was made by BareBones software, who also make BBEdit.

Kompozer is the newer version of Nvu, but its primarily designed for WYSIWYG. I recall the html editing to be decent though.

Aptana is eclipse's html editing extension, also it also runs without eclipse. Its fairly heavyweight, but its pretty good and has plenty of useful features. If you're familiar with eclipse it's a great choice.

Haven't used: (free unless otherwise mentioned)

Wikipedia's list of html editors, free OS X html editors

Good luck!!! :D

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