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I was wondering if there's an easy way in C++ to read a number of file names from a folder containing many files. They are all bitmaps if anyone is wondering.

I don't know much about windows programming so I was hoping it can be done using simple C++ methods.

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Boost provides a basic_directory_iterator which provides a C++ standard conforming input iterator which accesses the contents of a directory. If you can use Boost, then this is at least cross-platform code.

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Another alternative is -

  1. system("dir | findstr \".bmp\" > temp.txt ");
  2. Now read temp.txt line by line to get all filenames.
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Just had a quick look in my snippets directory. Found this:

vector<CStdString> filenames;
CStdString directoryPath("C:\\foo\\bar\\baz\\*");

WIN32_FIND_DATA FindFileData; 
HANDLE hFind = FindFirstFile(directoryPath, &FindFileData);

        if (FindFileData.dwFileAttributes != FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY)
    } while (FindNextFile(hFind, &FindFileData));


This gives you a vector with all filenames in a directory. It only works on Windows of course.

João Augusto noted in an answer:

Don't forget to check after FindClose(hFind) for:

DWORD dwError = GetLastError();
if (dwError != ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES) 
  // Error happened        

It's especially important if scanning on a network.

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I recommend you can use the native Win32 FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() functions. These give you full control over how you search for files. This are simple C APIs and are not hard to use.

Another advantage is that Win32 errors are not hidden or made harder to get at due to the C/C++ library layer.

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I think you're looking for FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile().

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Why not use glob()?

glob_t glob_result;
for(unsigned int i=0;i<glob_result.gl_pathc;++i){
  cout << glob_result.gl_pathv[i] << endl;
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You could also use the POSIX opendir() and readdir() functions. See this manual page which also has some great example code.

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