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I want to publish image from UIImage to Facebook however this code needs imageURL. How?

  • (void) publishFeedWithName:(NSString*)name captionText:(NSString*)caption imageurl:(NSString*)url linkurl:(NSString*)href userMessagePrompt:(NSString*)prompt actionLabel:(NSString*)label actionText:(NSString*)text actionLink:(NSString*)link targetId:(NSString*)target{ [self postFeedWithName:name captionText:caption imageurl:url linkurl:href userMessagePrompt:prompt actionLabel:label actionText:text actionLink:link targetId:target]; }
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First you need to get the image as a JPG or other transmittable file image. That can be done with UIImageJPEGRepresentation as described about halfway down here: UIImagePickerController, UIImage, Memory and More!

I don't have access right now to the box where I have the Facebook SDK installed and the example app that can upload an image, so I can't tell you the details of how to do that at present. But the Facebook SDK example package shows you how to do it.

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thank you! if you got any example codes, please feel free to post here, i need it for my project. thanks :)) – Joce May 23 '11 at 8:36

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