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Here is a rookie question. I want to use a for loop to set the visibility on several buttons. Here is what i wanted to do:

for (int y = 0; y < numberOfPeople; y++) {
    button[y].hidden = true;

where I have 5 buttons named: button1, button2, button3, button4, button5 and number of people is the variable I am sending.

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You can do this using an array:

NSButton *buttons[5];

You can either define your instance variable this way, or you can do this:

NSButton *buttons[5] = { button1, button2, button3, button4, button5 };
for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
    button[i].hidden = YES;
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I knew it would be super easy. This is PERFECT! Love it. Thanks a million. –  RNA_Parts May 23 '11 at 4:16
NSArray* buttons = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: button1, button2, button3, button4, button5, nil];
for (id aButton in buttons)
    aButton.hidden = YES;

Has the advantage that the loop does not need to know how many buttons it has got.

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