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I'm working on the W3C Widgets Spec. I have a question with JSR-105 features.

Can anybody please tell me how to refer the XMLObject?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Reference URI="#prop"/> <!-- How can I refer the Object? Isn't it the actual output? -->
  <Object Id="prop"/> 

I thought that I can make the XML part with those newXXX methods in the XMLSignatureFactory. But I couldn't figure out the way to make the Reference object for this. Because I couldn't find the way to make a NodeSetData for the XMLObject instance.

My current solution is...

  1. Make an org.w3c.dom.Document containing the Object element and it's children.
  2. And make a URIDereferencer returns a NodeSetData for the element.

Is this the best way? Is there any preferred way?

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