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I am getting a date in this format:

2011-05-23 6:05:00

How can I obtain only 2011-05-23 from this string?

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Here you go:

import java.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;

public class StringApp {
    public static void main(String[] args)
        String oldDate = "2011-05-23 6:05:00";
        String dateFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd";
        try {
            SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat(dateFormat);
            Calendar cl = Calendar.getInstance();
            String newDate = sdf.format(cl.getTime());
        catch (ParseException ex) { 
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You could just take the index of the first space and use substring:

int firstSpace = text.indexOf(' ');
if (firstSpace != -1)
    String truncated = text.substring(0, firstSpace);
    // Use the truncated version

You'd need to work out what you wanted to do if there weren't any spaces.

However, if it's meant to be a valid date/time in a particular format and you know the format, I would parse it in that format, and then only use the date component. Joda Time makes it very easy to take just the date part - as well as being a generally better API.

EDIT: If you mean you've already got a Date object and you're trying to format it in a particular way, then SimpleDateFormat is your friend in the Java API - but again, I'd recommend using Joda Time and its DateTimeFormatter class:

DateTimeFormatter formatter =;
String text = formatter.print(date);
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Using SimpleDateFormat:

parser = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd k:m:s", locale);
Date date;

try {
  date = (Date)parser.parse("2011-05-23 6:05:00");
} catch (ParseException e) {

formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
s = formatter.format(date);


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Standard way would be use of SimpleDateFormat

You can also accomplish it using String operation as follows

String result = str.substring(0,str.indexOf(" "));
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You can use -

String arg="2011-05-23 6:05:00";
String str=arg.substring(0,arg.indexOf(" ")); 
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Well an ineffective, but brute force method would be to say

String s = "2011-05-23 6:05:00";
String t = s.substring(0,s.length-7);

Or whatever the case should be

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str = "2011-05-23 6:05:00"
str = str.substring(0,str.indexOf(" "));
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Simplest way :

String str="2011-05-23 6:05:00"; str =str.subString(0,10);

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Lots of answers, but no one had used regexp so far, so I just had to post an answer with regexp.

String date = "2011-05-23 6:05:00";
System.out.println(date.replaceFirst("\\s.*", ""));
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Another answer which uses a regex.

String dateTime = "2011-05-23 6:05:00";
String date = dateTime.split(" ")[0];
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