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We have a multi-system solution: several web sites and a separate App-Tier implemented / exposed as WCF services. The web sites all use EntLibs to log stuff - but they need to log to a central DB which is only accessible by the App-Tier.

To get around this we're looking at implementing a WCF service that can have LogEntires sent to it (via a Custom Trace Listener that sends the Log Entries to it).

The decision to use a WCF service is that it's in keeping with the rest of the architecture - and we don't have a lot of time to go doing much else.

I also looked at this and started wondering if we're on the wrong track altogether (from a performance perspective).

So, my question is:

  • Is this such a bad idea that I should just stop?
  • If it's viable, what are the traps I need to look out for?
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The answer in the question you linked to covers it quite well, if you read between the lines:

  • Call the WCF logging service with "Is One way" = true, so that your client program does not wait for the logging to complete.
  • Set the WCF settings such that the client does not throttle the number of requests
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