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I am talking about the navigation area on the left side of iTunes for Library and Playlists. I'm wondering if this is a built in class (which I couldn't find documented) or something custom implemented by Apple.

I'm working an a mac application where I want to include that type of navigation. I want to allow people to "fold" the categories up by using the triangles. Do I need to write a custom implementation of this, or can I use some control in Interface Builder or some open source library?


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The bar is called a source list. In 10.5, you can use an NSTableView for this, as described here. Before 10.5, you'll have to resort to third-party implementations.

See also: "How would one implement a sidebar similar to Mail/iTunes/Finder/etc in Cocoa/IB?"

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You can also use NSOutlineView, as shown in this example

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