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Will the car_object_1 be able to garbage collected? Somebody maintain that as car_object_1 has two reference so it will never be garaged collected. Is it true?

Car createACar()
  Car c = new MyCar(); //car_object_1 was created 
  return c;

void use_the_car()
  Car c2 = createACar();;

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No, they're talking nonsense. Assuming there's nothing within run() which stashes a reference somewhere, the car is eligible for garbage collection after the; statement in use_the_car.

Java is not reference counted - even circular references aren't a problem (e.g. where a Car and a Driver have a reference to each other, but nothing has a reference to either of them).

Perhaps the person you were talking to was thinking of a slightly different situation?

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+1: There is only one reference to the object at any time, after use_the_car returns, there are no more references. (if there was a statement after it would not be eligible until the reference goes out of scope. – Peter Lawrey May 23 '11 at 7:07

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