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I want to make a web interface that prints out a form that needs to be filled. The problem is that i want to print out the form only when a call is answered by a softphone.

What event should i listen for?

I'm using Asterisk 1.6 and I get all the events in XML using AsterClick.

thanks, Sebastian

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AsterClick is an excellent choice as it is the only event based Asterisk AMI /(XML)/JavaScript interface on the planet that can propagates those events to JavaScript AS they occur!! All others use polling,

As to your question...

During your AsterClick development,when your JavaScript inherits from the wSocket class, you should implement the method(s) your_wSocket.wSocketsReceiveString(String) and/or your_wSocket.wSocketsReceiveXML(XMLdocument).

These wSocket methods should be documented on the AsterClick site http://asterclick.drclue.net with more help being available in the forums http://forums.drclue.net/viewforum.php?f=13.

These functions can be used to monitor the XML command and event flow in real time and represents all the data Asterisk AMI provides.

I tend to route this information to an autoscrolling widget with a handy [clear] button near by.

By pressing your [clear] button and then interacting with your phones while examining the event flow, you should be able to pick out the events and related data for any automation sequence.

As to jQuery, I know that there are jQuery/Asterclick projects running out there, including a real-time HUD system that manages calls,conferencing,parking,queues, etc.

The AsterClick client SDK is also squarely aimed at HTML5 and running on an ever increasing range of devices as the HTML5 features required are implemented.

You can also use the AsterClick "WBEA" tool to deploy your HTML5 AsterClick applications as desktop executables for Windows,Linux.

Anyways I Hope some of that helps.

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Too bad AsterClick seems to have disappeared from the net :-( – Leif Neland Aug 26 '15 at 14:33

You should capture events from AMI, you can use Adhearsion for this (Adhearsion can be also connected to a Rails app): https://github.com/adhearsion/adhearsion

or PAMI if you prefer PHP: https://github.com/marcelog/PAMI

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