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I have been looking for the compiler logs in netbeans but i can't find them. The intent is to see which parameters are passed to javac when pressing the clean & build button. Can anyone help?


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I've just faced your same problem and just found the solution: Using the last NetBeans 7.0: open the "Output" window (CTRL+4), at the left bottom of that window you'll find a tool-like icon "Ant's settings", click over it, now on the Ant Options window on "Verbosity level" choose "Verbose" (instead than "Normal"), finally "OK". Now simply Run->Clean & Build Main Project: on the Output window now you'll read some raws like: Compilation arguments: '-d' 'D:\Documenti\NetBeansProjects\AppVitM\build\compiled' '-classpath' 'D:\Documenti\NetBeansProjects\AppVitM\build\compiled' '-sourcepath' 'D:\Documenti\NetBeansProjects\AppVitM\build\preprocessed' '-target' '1.3' '-bootclasspath' 'C:\S60\devices\S60_3rd_MIDP_SDK_FP1_4\lib\hmidps60v31.jar' '-encoding' 'UTF-8' '-g' '-source' '1.3'

Hope to have been useful, Best Regards, Vittorio

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Maybe you find it here:


This is for 6.9 version. Adapt it to your version.

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there are some logs there,but i can't see the command that netbeans sends to the javac compiler. i guess netbeans just might not log that kind of info... – NightWalker May 23 '11 at 12:06

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