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I a have a vbscript that checks a named email format if correct using regular expression. However, upon named email strings with special character, my regular expression does not match below named email:

"Davé Lory, Sr." <jhonson@test.com>

I'm using the regular expression to check valid named email:


But it can't match if the named email contain special a character like é or È etc..

How can I ignore this special characters in regular expression?

Please help.


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You can not ignore them, you need to match them.

You can try this one here


I removed your [\"][\sa-zA-Z0-9_\-\.\'\,\&]*[\"] with

  1. you don't need square brackets around a single character

  2. [^"]*? is a lazy match that will match anything that is not a " till the next "

You can see it online here at Rubular

I have not checked the rest of the expression, what I have seen on rubular is that there are many capturing groups. If you don't need the result then you can make them non capturing by ?: after the opening bracket (e.g. (?:\"[^"]*?\")).

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Great. Thanks for the help. –  jeff May 23 '11 at 23:51

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