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I am using jquery's change() method in my code.

 $("select,input,textarea").change(function ()
        needToConfirm = true;
        alert("needToConfirm :" + needToConfirm); 

It's working fine with all select, input as well as textarea element except for following textarea element

<textarea name="myTextArea" id="myTextArea" class="mceEditor" rows="4" cols="125">${myForm.someAttribute }</textarea>

I observed that other textarea don't have any dynamic value while this myTextArea have ${myForm.someAttribute} value. This seems to be the cause but I am not able to figure out the exact reason.

Its working fine with following textarea element

<textarea path="studySummary" cssClass="fieldValue mediumFontSize" rows="4" cols="95" tabindex="67"/>

Hello All,
All things are working fine but I came across a new issue. I have some HTML elements like select,input etc which get added dynamically through javascript. How can I bind jquery's change() method to this dynamically added elements ? Right now change() is only invoked for static elements.
Got the solution. Copy of this question.

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Not related to topic but you have declared your variable like this : needToConfirm = true; but it's not so healthy. AFAIK, when you declare something like this, you are making this global. put var before that : var needToConfirm = true; – tugberk May 23 '11 at 8:59
@tugberk: Thanks for the suggestion.I wanted to make it global, I am uisng same variable in other methods also. – xyz May 23 '11 at 9:23
then, I suggest you to bind it to a namespace. A possible collision may happen on client browser if any other browser plugin is using that name. now, it is binded to window object. I'm not a JavaScript pro but I know this is not good thing. – tugberk May 23 '11 at 9:26
@tugberk: Will bind it to a namespace.Thanks for saving my future efforts :) – xyz May 23 '11 at 9:28
not a problem if it helps :) – tugberk May 23 '11 at 9:29
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I am assuming from the class="mceEditor" that you are using the tinyMCE editor.

This will replace the actual element, and so your code will not run on the new element.

Here is the proposed way on handling such a case

You basically have to put your change code in a function, and use that when initializing the tinyMCE.

 function handleChange() {
        needToConfirm = true;
        alert("needToConfirm :" + needToConfirm); 


and also when you call the tinyMCE initialization add the

        onchange_callback : handleChange //<-- ADD THIS PART
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Yes it is. Is there any way to make it work ? – xyz May 23 '11 at 8:44
@Ajinkya, updated answer with the official proposal to handle this case. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli May 23 '11 at 8:47
How to make a call to jquery.change method from tinyMCE.init method ? – xyz May 23 '11 at 8:54
@Ajinkya, updated with example. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli May 23 '11 at 8:55
@Gaby: I spent many hours to find out the cause. You saved me from putting more efforts :) Thanks – xyz May 23 '11 at 8:58

MCS editor internally using your textarea with class="mceEditor"...because of this when you change content of textarea it first call the mceEditor onChange event

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Yes. I removed class="mceEditor" and it works. But I cannot remove it from my code. Is there any workaround ? – xyz May 23 '11 at 8:47

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