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Somewhat simple quetion I think, but didn't really find an answer on google..

What I want is set the current_user for a model.. So I can do different validations per user..

Something like this:

var current_user # <= this is what i need

validates, :something, :presence => { :if => :current_user_is_admin? } 

def current_user_is_admin?
    current_user.user_type == 1

So in the controller I can set the current_user before saving the record..

Hope it makes sense..


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"var" doesn't really make sense, because of Ruby's slapdash style. attr_accessor may be what you want:

attr_accessor :current_user

that defines a reader and a writer method for current_user.

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Works like a charm! Thanks! –  Tim Baas May 23 '11 at 9:04

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