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I'm searching for the possibility to show an application on a secure desktop under Windows 7. For explanation: The secure desktop is provided by Windows to avoid external applications to interact with this your application. It should be available to every application, as far as I know. Commonly known examples are the UAC, the service user interaction desktop or the CardSpace-Application (integrated into Windows). Actually it does not mean that every application on the secure desktop is automatically elevated (as mentioned here).

It do not want to show the UAC dialog together with my application, but only my application. It is a managed one, and I don't want to code any native code.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance! Greetings, relexx

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You can emulate the "Secure Desktop" by calling CreateDesktop Win32 API, and you also can do this from C#, but I must warn you this is not for faint-hearted. A lot of perils awaits you on your way and it is not certain that you reach the desired destination successfully.

This link explains a bit how CreateDesktop works CreateDesktop() with vista and UAC on (C, windows), and this one shows how to call it from C# PInvoke CreateDesktop.

You can also get some more information by googling CreateDesktop.

Good luck!

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