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I have a class called "Scheduler" which has 7 Boolean fields. I want to write a constraint in hibernate to check that at-least one boolean field is true.

Here is the "Scheduler" class.

public class Scheduler {

private String description;

private Boolean sMondays;

private Boolean sTuesdays;

private Boolean sWednesdays;

private Boolean sThursdays;

private Boolean sFridays;

private Boolean sSaturdays;

private Boolean sSundays;

public Scheduler() {


Can anyone please help me in writing the mentioned constraint.


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when that will be invoked? –  sudmong May 23 '11 at 9:24
Actually "Scheduler" pojo is validated when a user makes a request from jsp. I am using hibernate validator. ValidatorFactory factory = Validation.buildDefaultValidatorFactory(); Validator validator = factory.getValidator(); –  Praneeth.P May 23 '11 at 9:35

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This is complicated because you're using Booleans instead of the primitive boolean, which creates the risk of null pointer exceptions.

To simplify the logic, I'd modify each field declaration to initialize it to false. As you've annotated them as @NotNull, my assumption is this will work with your existing business logic.

If you do this, your validation for at least one is true is quite simply achieved using ||:

public boolean validateAtLeastOneIsTrue() {
    return getsMondays() || getsTuesdays() || getsWednesdays()
    || getsThursdays() || getsFridays() || getsSaturdays()
    || getsSundays();
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Without knowing the exact domain you are working in I would recommend using a temporal data type such as Calendar. This will allow you to do a simple lookup on the current day of the week. It also makes the code far more maintainable

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