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I have downloaded this PayPal API:

And I'm getting this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class SOAP_Client in /home/me/app1/ plugins/mbpPlatformFrontendPlugin/lib/paypal/PayPal/SOAP/Client.php on line 83

The strange thing is: if I change the name of the class to what ever else, for example *SOAP_Client_foo*, I get

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class SOAP_Client_foo in /home/me/app1/ plugins/mbpPlatformFrontendPlugin/lib/paypal/PayPal/SOAP/Client.php on line 83

So I removed the content in Client.php and wrote this:

<hr />

And this is the output:

0  require() called at [/home/me/app1/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/autoload/
1  sfAutoload->loadClass(SOAP_Client) called at [/home/me/app1/lib/
vendor/symfony/lib/autoload/sfAutoload.class.php: 163]
2  sfAutoload->autoload(SOAP_Client)
4  spl_autoload_call(SOAP_Client) called at [/home/me/app1/plugins/
5  PayPal->getWSDLVersion() called at [/home/me/app1/plugins/
6  Profile->loadEnvironments() called at [/home/me/app1/plugins/
7  Profile->_load() called at [/home/me/app1/plugins/
8  APIProfile::getInstance(, ProfileHandler_Array...

I have typed .../paypal$ grep -R 'Client.php' *, and I'm getting this:

PayPal/CallerServices.php://require_once 'PayPal/SOAP/Client.php';
PayPal/SOAP/Client.php:// $Id: Client.php,v 2006/02/19
PayPal/SOAP/WSDL.php: //require_once 'PayPal/SOAP/Client.php

Any help?

sf 1.4


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Why not consider using: http://www.symfony-project.org/plugins/prestaPaypalPlugin

It works for Symfony 1.4 :-)

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Thanks, it works ok at least for Checkout Express (I just tried that..). –  ziiweb May 23 '11 at 17:39

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