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Here's my dilemma:

If I add buttons to a Sprite, I have to listen for the MOUSE_DOWN or CLICK event to make the button work as it should.

However, I want the sprite that contains the button to function like a touchscreen device, and I want the contents of the sprite to scroll up-and-down when you swipe it...

I am afraid the mouse events of the buttons will prevent the events from being captured by the container. This would mean that when I swipe over the button, the button get's clicked instead of the container.

I know Flex passes events down the chain of elements, but I don't believe this is the case for Flash.. ?

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Have you tried using MOUSE_UP instead of MOUSE_DOWN so it does not throw the event by directly clicking. Otherwise you can try to use preventDefault() in your handler. – Tim Decuypere May 23 '11 at 11:08

You should use MOUSE_UP event instead of MOUSE_DOWN, it's better practice, even if not to consider problems with scrolling. After there's nothing on MOUSE_UP you can hang

function onMouseDown(e: Event) {
  flag = true

on MOUSE_DOWN. After that

function onMouseDown(e: Event) {
  if (flag) {
    //scrolling here

and dont forget to set flag=fasle on MOUSE_UP.

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