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I've recently installed Delphi 2007 R2 along with GExperts1.34, DelphiSpeedUp3.1 and IDEFixPack4.1. The code completion feature doesn't work for me. Say, I create a new form and in the public section I hit CTRL+SPACE, I see only certain members of TObject (AfterConstruction, BeforeConstruction, Destroy etc) and Component Message handlers (i.e CM_XXX message handlers) in TCustomForm classes. It doesn't list the Constructor of TObject and TForm. Note I've disabled Refatoring package.

I tried removing all 3 experts and loading the .NET packages, but in vain. With default installation itself code completion doesn't work. It does however list all members when invoked inside a function/procedure.

I've also tried fresh installation on Windows 7 64-bit m/c. Code completion doesn't work.

Anyone faced this issue ?


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When inheriting from TObject I would guess it is bacause Create is not virtual. But that does not explain the same thing for TForm. I have the same results when using code completion. – MGH May 24 '11 at 5:48

Often in D2007 I have to build before code complete will pop up. I'd try that. I'm running D2007 on a 64bit Win 7 with all three of those plugins and have this issue frequently. Often a Clean/Build or opening a new Unit will fix it.

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My experience with D2007 is that a rebuild (or just a syntax check) is usually sufficient to get code completion working again, but sometimes it just doesn't work at all, and I can never get it to code-complete on a variable that is declared as an array. – rossmcm Dec 25 '14 at 3:23

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