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I have a function which checks if a given character is capital letter and returns true of false value:

function isUpperCase(aCharacter)
    return (aCharacter >= 'A') && (aCharacter <= 'Z');

Now I have a string of characters e.g. ThksAbcdEvat.

I want to write a function which checks every character in a string and when it encounters a capital letter is will execute function decryptW but only on a block of letters until next capital letter.

Function decryptW works fine on single words. So what im looking for is execution of function 'decryptW' on 'Thks' 'Abcd' 'Evat' and return 3 words as a result. all i have at the moment is:

function decryptMessage(cipherText, indexCharacter, plainAlphabet, cipherAlphabet)
    for (var count = 0, count < cipherText.length; count++)
        while (isUpperCase(cipherText.charAt(count))
            if (count - lastCapital > 1)
                decryptWord(cipherText, indexCharacter, plainAlphabet, cipherAlphabet);
                lastCapital = count;

Can you tell me if I'm even close to what I want to achieve? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Probably regular expression can help you

var re = /[A-Z][a-z]*/;
var s = 'ThksAbcdEvat';
s.replace(re, function(c){
    //do something with c
    return c;
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For what you describe (if I understood right) using String.replace/split will do the job of splitting up the string on its capitals:

 //=> Thks,Abcd,Evat

Where /(.(?=[A-Z]))/g means: find any character followed by a capital A to Z, and the replacement ('$1,') means: add a ',' (comma) to the found character(s).

After that you can run a loop to apply decryptWord to every word in the array (/g means: global, i.e. do that for the whole string). So your whole decryptMessage function could look like:

function decryptMessage(cipherText /*,... other params*/ ){
  var captalWords = cipherText.replace(/(.(?=[A-Z]))/g,'$1,').split(',');
  for (var i=0;i<capitalWords.length;i++){
   decryptWord(captalWords[i] /*,... other params*/ );

I'd say, no real need for complex while loops etc. here.

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