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I have this HTML and CSS

where the problem is that the radio buttons are treated as individual elements and therefore inherent the properties of class="cellData". Notice how wide the radio buttons are spaced vertically.

<div class="cellData">
  <input name="ctype" value="individuel" type="radio" checked/> Individuel <br>
  <input name="ctype" value="course" type="radio" /> Course </div>

Is it possible to control this vertical spacing of the radio buttons, or perhaps wrap a DIV around them to protect them?

Update Removed template tags.

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Just a side note: using < and > as part of your template variables is a Bad Idea (if only because it's confusing) when you're using HTML. You should switch to {TMPL_VAR CO} or #TMPL_VAR CO#, etc. – thirtydot May 23 '11 at 12:36
You already have controlled the vertical spacing by specifying the line height of the .cellData class. – Gary Ryan May 23 '11 at 12:44
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You could add another class to the div containing radio buttons:

<div class="cellData cellRadios">

with CSS (similar to this):

.cellRadios { line-height: 1 }


Provided that in your CSS you define .cellRadios after .cellData, the line-height from .cellRadios will be the one that's applied.

I'd probably also change .cellRadios to a better name.

If you prefer it, you could instead wrap the radio buttons in an extra div, as you suggested in your question.

<div class="cellData">
    <div class="cellRadios">
        <input name="ctype" value="individuel" type="radio" <TMPL_VAR IN>/> Individuel
        <input name="ctype" value="course" type="radio" <TMPL_VAR CO>/> Course
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That's incredible. Thanks. – Sandra Schlichting May 23 '11 at 12:50

You could delete this from the CellData stye: line-height:4em

You could also try using a table, it would be a lot simpler.

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