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I'm developing a program in C++.

I have a database class, and I want to know how much space it takes up in memory.

I guess it will pretty hard to analize the object itself at runtime (pointers and such).
But if I can check the size of memory usage before the object is created and after, it will give me a good estimate of the database object's total size.

Now, besides the task-manager....
Is there some window or addin to Visual Studio 2010 that will let me see a detailed memory usage view of my application ?

And if there's none for unmanaged code, is there something like this for managed .Net code ?


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You could create memory dump before and after you have created the object using UMDH tool. UMDH also can show you the difference between two memory dumps.

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For professional development, I recommend AutomatedQA's AQTime. It's a full-featured profiler suite for most common Windows compilers, including several C++ and .NET compilers. And it integrates with Visual Studio and other IDEs. I couldn't live without the performance and allocation profilers.

Run the allocation profiler, and you can not only see the live memory usage, but also the size and count of any object.

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Use Sysinternals process explorer, right click the program in the process list and view the properties. It gives you a bit more details than standard task manager.

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