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I am working on project where I need to implement SphinxSearch with Cake php. So I am simply trying to use a component and behaviour into it. The link to it, is :-

I am requesting Sphinx API like below :

$sphinx = array('matchMode' => SPH_MATCH_ALL, 'sortMode' => array(SPH_SORT_EXTENDED => '@relevance DESC'));

$results = $this->ModelName->find('all', array('search' => 'Search_Query', 'sphinx' => $sphinx));


For above it is working fine ,but when I tried to minimise the response time querying to a particular field of the table (using extended match modes,i.e. SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2) , Sphinx just fails to output any result. The extended query which I used is given below :-

$sphinx = array('matchMode' => SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2, 'sortMode' => array(SPH_SORT_EXTENDED => '@relevance DESC'));

$results = $this->ModelName->find('all', array('search' => '@Field_name Search_Query', 'sphinx' => $sphinx));


Can anyone recognise where am I going wrong with it? Please help if I am going wrong some where.

Thanks in advance.

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Btw, when you use EXTENDED2 mode make sure your rank mode is set accordingly.


Anyway back to you problem, looking at that component/behavior code you can see right away that no error checking is done whatsoever. Try changing the code a bit so you can at least see the errors and/or warnings.


  $result = self::$sphinx->Query('', $indexes);     
} else { 
  $result = self::$sphinx->Query($query['search'], $indexes); 

if ($result === false) {
  // throw new SphinxException();
$warn = self::$sphinx->GetLastWarning();
if ($warn) echo $warn;


if ($result === false) {
$warn = $this->runtime[$model->alias]['sphinx']->GetLastWarning();
if ($warn) echo $warn;

I hope that helps.

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@Tralamazza : Friend, I won't be putting the actual fields over there. It's just to make experts over here to understand what I am doing. It's part of my project, So I won't be putting the actual code here. – Nishant Shrivastava May 24 '11 at 5:38
@Tralamazza: Just so you're aware, it's a bit dangerous to write stupid question on SO. Quite often someone seems to misunderstand and take it that you're calling the original question stupid and you'll earn a few down votes and/or offensive flags. – Hans Olsson May 24 '11 at 7:48
@Tralamazza - we don't say things like "stupid question" or rant about downvotes in answers. Just answer the question (or not) and "Be Nice". – Kev May 24 '11 at 9:54
@Kev - I wrote that my question could be stupid (and not the original poster or his question). What's wrong with that ? Btw deleting a SO account is impossible it seems – Tralamazza May 24 '11 at 10:15
@Nishant - No errors/warnings ? Try editing sphinxapi.php (vendor folder) to print out the $query param. Search for the function Query() or AddQuery(). – Tralamazza May 25 '11 at 18:59

As you said ,

Sphinx just fails to output any result.

That means it's an error :

Please check whether you have added the specific field to the indexing by using sql_query

Also check if the field you are searching for is not an attribute
As per the sphinx documentation :

Attributes, unlike the fields, are not full-text indexed. They are stored in the index, but it is not possible to search them as full-text, and attempting to do so results in an error.

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