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i know that in Oracle you can select rows by symbols that contains in a column value, like :

     select * from table where id in (select id from table where name like '%asd%')

But i need to select values from database that contains characters like ā,ē,č,ž etc, by a,e,c,z. is it possible in Oracle, and if it is than how ?

i also know :


but there can be word like šķūņu , and when user write for search skunku, than i need to write in regexp all kind of combinations of symbols ā,ķ,ū,ņ... it`s a bad option for me...

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I have solved my problem this way :

         Replace(Convert(decompose(signal_custom_fields.field_value),'US7ASCII'),'?')    like '%Riga%'

i decompose all characters with ā, than i convert decomposed symbole to ?, and remoove it from the word, and than i compair entered word with all data in data base. is there another way to do it ?

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i haven`t found answer in the inet, and had to create my own solution... –  Viktor May 26 '11 at 7:59

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