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I have an animated gif image that its frames are transparent. I need to resize it.

Before resizing, I use the Magick::coalesceImages function, after I resize the image I use the Magick::writeImages function to collect all the gif frames back into one single image.

The problem is that the output resized image file size is bigger than the original one, because the original animated gif had transparent frames, and the new resized giff does not have any transparent frames.

I have read about frame optimization on www.imagemagick.org plus I can see on www.graphicsmagick.org the gifDisposeMethod function.

My question is, how can I cause the resized animated gif image to use transparency frames and avoid the increase on the image KBytes size ?

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thanks for fixing my gramer errors, but i could really use an answer... –  Oded May 23 '11 at 14:57
You would expect it to be bigger if you resized the frames bigger -- what is the difference in pixel width/height and what is the difference in KB of the file? –  Lou Franco May 23 '11 at 17:24
well the original image is 230X40 10,896Bytes. after using the Magick::coalesceImage and resizing the image to 213X37 and i get 108,207bytes of image. i can see that once i resize the image to 92%%92% of it's original size, without using the coalesceImage (since i am using precentages, each frame will be resize according to it's original dimensions, so i figured i can remove the coalesceImage usage) i get a much smaller image 15,226Bytes which is still bigger than the original image. and i cant really understand how come i got a bigger image –  Oded May 24 '11 at 9:10

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well, i founf the way to go: when resizing an animated gif using the Magick::coalesceImages is not the best way. instead i am rezising according to percentage sizing and not absolute sizing, while skipping the Magick::coalesceImages call. for example, let say my orig animated gif is 300*300 and i want to resize it to be 150X150. i'll do the following: - read the image into Magick::Blob - calculate the percentage numbers (50%X50% in my demo case) - resize the each and every frame on the image according to the percentage calculations. this way we are not increasing each frame size cause we are not using the coalesceImages function + we are resizing each frame according to it's original size, so we dont have any problem with the transparency of the frame. thanks to all of the 28 people who tried answering...

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