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If I have an app on the market with analytics API integrated , now i want to change the integrated API (analytics) to some other analytics API and update the build in market. I want the user forcefully to update the application. How can i do that?

Thanks in Advance

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Nothing is impossible but it's illegal if the user haven't clicked "Automatic update" for your app. – Fredrik May 23 '11 at 14:27

If your app uploaded on android market, and you update ur application with incremental version code. Users of application will be notified with update for application, but by no means user can be ask to update application forcefully.

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You can't force users to update, unless the functionality of the app is reliant on something external (eg, a call to an URL) that you can deliberately break at the external end -- and even then, they could just uninstall the app instead of upgrading.

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