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Assuming that I have an arbitrary control inside a DataGridTemplateColumn, I wish to know how to get the control, given that I have retrieved the DataGridCell which contains that control.

My XAML file containing the DataGrid is as follows:

    <DataGrid Name="dgMovement">
    <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Target %">
            <vi:PercentageEditor Value="{Binding TargetPercentage, Mode=TwoWay,
                      UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" Width="100px"  
                      cal:Message.Attach="[Event PreviewLostKeyboardFocus] = [Action ChangeTargetPercentage];[Event PreviewGotKeyboardFocus] = [Action OnFocus]" 
                      Name="aa" />

I retrieved the DataGridCell using extension methods as follows:

DataGridCell cell = view.dgMovement2.GetCell(index, 6);

The extension methods, contained in a static class is found here

The question is, how to I retrieve the "PercentageEditor", once I got the DataGridCell? Can anybody help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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You can use the name of the control to find it in the template, e.g.

            <uc:Bogus x:Name="root" ItemsSource="{Binding Machines}"/>
var cell = dataGrid.GetCell(5, 0);
var cp = cell.Content as ContentPresenter;
var bogus = cp.ContentTemplate.FindName("root", cp) as Bogus;
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Thanks! That solved my issues! –  bluebloodedboy Jun 2 '11 at 6:20
Glad it helped :) (You could accept this answer by clicking the checkmark outline on the left of it) –  H.B. Jun 2 '11 at 11:52

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