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I want to change the background color of the webview. Not for the HTML document it display but for the actual scroll view which can be scrolled. If you scroll a web view you see a gray background color. I have tried below code for this but not working for me. Actually I want to make it transparent.

    [detailWebV setOpaque:NO];
    detailWebV.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];

Thanks in advance!

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Try this

myWebView.opaque = NO;
myWebView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];
[myWebView loadHTMLString:
@"<html><body style='background-color: transparent'>
       Content Here</body></html>" baseURL:nil];
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this is an answer i've been looking for .. for 3 days –  Mohamed Emad Hegab Nov 6 '13 at 13:55

Another way is to set it by using JavaScript:

[yourWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@"document.body.style.background = '#000000';"];
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the following has worked for me . This is what I wanted , when I scroll down the web view , the background should be transparent .

     [webV setOpaque:YES];
     webV.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];

Thank you all !!!

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