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I need to create slideshow of the images which are in server.These images would be changing as the user uploads. I need this using jsp/javascript/servlet/ajax

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Please explain your problem a little more detailed. Is it with the slide show at all or don't you how to handle the uploads? Should a open/running (inside a browser) slide show change when user uploads take place? – Kai Huppmann Mar 4 '09 at 9:57

Generally when the page loads, the slideshow code already has a list of the available files. It would need to use AJAX to poll the server periodically to determine if this list has changed (a user had uploaded a file). Typically you'd just replace the array or string holding the list of files in the AJAX call.

The server-side code just needs to supply the list of files in a folder in a format the slideshow expects.

Here's a collection of different slideshows you can grab and modify for this purpose.

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