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When I'm running tests I hate staring at a blinking cursor with no idea what's running. To fix this I've added completion messages to all my tests. However I've realized that its a really hacky solution and adds fluff.

Assuming that TestNG's verbosity level prints the test description, how can I set the verbosity level in Maven? Note that I don't have a test.xml file, so if its the only way then I have no idea how to have a test.xml file + Maven's autogenerated test.xml file work together.

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Surefire lets you invoke TestNG with any command line parameters you like, and TestNG does support a "verbose" command line, so it's probably only a matter of doing something like

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Doesn't work when adding to sunfire's configuration settings. –  TheLQ May 25 '11 at 14:13
This didn't work, it is not supported by Surefire. –  ecbrodie Aug 30 '13 at 18:22

Okay... so, you need let testng.xml and pom.xml work togther.



Then, set verbose level in testng*.xml

like that

<suite name="TEST Ex" verbose="2" preserve-order="true" >
 <test name="NOTE"  preserve-order="true" >
        <class name="*IT" />
        <class name="*IT"/>
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Doesn't seem to work or give the level of detail required. –  TheLQ Aug 16 '12 at 21:53

Try verbose level = 10. It doesn't solve the no XML question, but it can give you more information that you seem to need.

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