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I was trying to set up a template context processor like this article mentions so that I could provide information to every template.

I wrote this function in

def items_in_cart(request):
    """Used by settings.TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS to provide an item count
    to every template"""
    cart, lines = get_users_cart_and_lines(request)
    return {'items_in_cart': lines.count()}

And then I added this line to

TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS = ('Store.views.items_in_cart',)

But now whenever I go to any page I get this error:

ImproperlyConfigured at /

Put 'django.contrib.auth.context_processors.auth' in your TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting in order to use the admin application.

Did I do something wrong? What's going on here? I tried doing what the error said, and then it will render a page with all of my style sheets and images missing.

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Django has a default set of TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS, which you need to manually add when adding your own.

Depending on your Django version these are different, however if using Django 1.3 you might have something as follows

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hmm, can I just add mine to the existing default list? E.g., TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS = secret_default_location.TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS + ('Store.views.items_in_cart',) – Greg May 23 '11 at 15:33
You should be able to use TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS += ('Store.views.items_in_cart',) to append to the defaults – PiGGeH May 23 '11 at 15:46
It said it's not defined. – Greg May 23 '11 at 16:41
The default django settings can be imported using from django.conf.global_settings import TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS above your line to append. You can then append to this using TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS += ('Store.views.items_in_cart',) – PiGGeH May 23 '11 at 17:11
This worked in Django 1.7 too, for me. – Ajeeb.K.P Mar 27 at 16:51

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