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I understand that the application_controller will produce variable values for an entire application but have never applied that knowledge. There is a variable that comes up in most of my controllers... @qs for the number of questions. The following code is not working.


  def qs
    if current_user.sec_paid and current_user.min_paid
      @qs = 36
    elsif current_user.sec_paid
      @qs = 25
      @qs = 5


@strengths = Strength.where("position <= ?", @qs).order("position")



The output to a view file is just a way to test for the value of the variable and will be removed. Currently it produces a zero.

Any help is appreciated. Specific changes to my code is most appreciated.

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Use before_filter :qs in your ApplicationControler (or in those controllers it is needed) to invoke the qs method on every call. In this way the @qs variable will be initialized.

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@amep, thanks!! –  Jay May 23 '11 at 15:53

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