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I have a Protege (RDF/OWL) Ontology of a Debian Package Management System. The Ontology is structured as follows:

Class: Package Datatype Properties: Name architecture section version distribution

Object Properties: predepends enhances recommends suggests

How can I use Perl to execute an algorithm that will automatically import Package Descriptions from the Debian website as instances of my Ontology.

I am totally new to Perl language and also Ontologies. Looking forward to some tips.

Thank You

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If you have a simple enough ontology you may as well just work in pure RDF. I've heard good things about RDF::Trine. See RDF Primer as well. Looks like CPAN has quite a few modules relating to Debian packages is another great resource for semantic web related questions.

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thanks for the links. very helpful indeed. my guide has mentioned to use RDF:Redland. have u used RDF:Redland and is it similar to Trine or Primer? – codious May 25 '11 at 19:04

Have you looked at ONTO-PERL? It uses its own format, OBO, for ontologies, but provides scripts to convert to and from OWL.

The other piece is parsing the debian package information; that's just a matter of doing it. Have you made a start at it and run into trouble? (It's not a bad project for a new-to-Perl programmer, but maybe not so good if you have a tight timeframe.)

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hello, thank you for your response. No I have not yet begun the programming part. Yes there is time constraint. I have around two weeks to finish the whole job. I have not looked into ONTO-PERL. Infact, I am supposed to use RDF:Redland. But I will try to figure out ONTO-PERL's utility in this project. – codious May 25 '11 at 19:02

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