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I'm developing a music player on Android.

I would like to use LastFM API.

The problem is when I want to use a method of LastFM.

I sign up and I have an api-key. If I want to use the method Artist.getSimilar is very easy. For example, if I want to search similar artist to 'Cher' using this method, the url is:

Passing by argument artist and api_key.

The problem is that I want to use the method Artist.getTags

I have to pass forced 4 arguments:

  • artist
  • api_key
  • api_sig
  • sk

I have the 2 first arguments, but I can't obtain the api_sig and sk.

I read this document:

Construct your api method signatures by first ordering all the parameters sent in your call alphabetically by parameter name and concatenating them into one string using a scheme. So for a call to auth.getMobileSession you may have:


Ensure your parameters are utf8 encoded. Now append your secret to this string. Finally, generate an md5 hash of the resulting string. For example, for an account with a secret equal to 'mysecret', your api signature will be:

api signature = md5("api_keyxxxxxxxxauthTokenxxxxxxxmethodauth.getMobileSessionmysecret") Where md5() is an md5 hashing operation and its argument is the string to be hashed. The hashing operation should return a 32-character hexadecimal md5 hash.

But I don't understand anything. First I have to obtain the api_sig, and after obtain the session key, but I haven't idea how do it, which classes use and anything...

Any idea??? Thanks!!!

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Why reinvent the wheel: there is a API at, and you can see how they create the signature at (look for the private Result call(String method, String apiKey, Map<String, String> params, Session session) method to see how they call the Authenticator.getSignature method at

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Thanks! I was confused, the correct function was getTopTags... – Josue Jun 1 '11 at 11:42

Try this API: I found it in. It may be useful

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