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I have a lot of servers running the same code with different configuration that i would like to deploy with Capistrano. The server configuration looks like this:

role(:server) { ["", {:name => "mymachine1"}] }
role(:server) { ["", {:name => "mymachine2"}] }
role(:server) { ["", {:name => "mymachine3"}] }

The problem is that is would like to create a symlink depending on the server name e.g.

task :setup_all_server do
    find_servers(:roles => "server").each do |server|
        server_name = server.options[:name]
        run "mkdir -p #{deploy_to}/releases"
        run "ln -s #{deploy_to}/current/scripts /home/#{user}/scripts"
        run "ln -s #{deploy_to}/current/configuration/#{server_name} /home/#{user}/configuration"

The setup and the deploy works pretty good for all servers, but is there a simple way if I would like to only deploy or setup one server depending on the name? Something like

cap deploy [:name=>"mymachine1337"]

Or something like: How to deploy to a single specific server using Capistrano

but with a filter for :name without loosing the server.options[:name] when running the setup task.

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This is more of a workaround than a solution for the specific problem. I ended up using the multistage extension for Capistrano https://github.com/capistrano/capistrano/wiki/2.x-Multistage-Extension with a specific configuration for each installation instead of a configuration file for each environment e.g.

   set :config_folder, "myinstallation"
   role(:server) { ["myuser@"] }

This makes it possible to run:

cap myinstallation deploy:setup
cap myinstallation deploy
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