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I have a simple example to send a dictionary through xml-rpc:

 class CTest(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.node1 = {'data':'zek', 'parent':{},  'children':[]}
        self.node2 = {'data':'bill', 'parent':{}, 'children':[]}
        self.node2['parent'] = self.node1

    def getNode(self):
        return self.node1

I have two dictionaries: node2 is the children of node1, and in the same time node2 has the reference of node1 as parent variable. So it is a recursive dictionary. When I try to send node1 through XML-RPC, I got this exception:

#Command to execute xml-rpc dump method for serialization
test = CTest()
xmlrpclib.dumps((test,), 'Node Object')
raise TypeError, "cannot marshal recursive dictionaries"

Is it possible to send node1 through XML-RPC (without changing dictionary structure)?


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Serialize and deserialize 'test' yourself by using the 'pickle' module of Python.


is working. On the other side of the wire you use


It might be necessary to base-64 encode/decode the pickle before/after the XMLRPC call.

But also look into PyRo


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thanks. It works perfect with cPickle. But it needs to be language independent. So when I pickle the dictionary on one peer, I also need to use python in other peer to unpickle it. Because I am sending dictionary in xml-format, Normally it is possible to use another programming language in another peer(C,C++,java) That is why I can not use pickle. Pyro has its own network communication code, and it doesn't use XML-RPC. I need to use XML-RPC. So do you know any other method to send this dictionary through XML-RPC without pickle? –  zekifh May 24 '11 at 13:29

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