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i have this variables (int and double-array)


@interface MyCLass : NSObject
 int myInt;
double paramStack[100];

@property (nonatomic, assign) int myInt;
//@property (nonatomic, assign) double paramStack; //<- ?


@synthesise myInt;
//@synthesize paramStack; //<- ?

I want the int and the double-array-variable accessible from other classes via properties. For the int-var. it looks fine, but the array throws errors at .m-file (@synthsize) and at h.file (@property (nonatomic, assign) double paramStack).

How can i define "@property (nonatomic, assign) double paramStack;" as a double-array?


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Make the property with a pointer:

@property(nonatomic, assign) double *paramStack;

You can just use it like this:

NSLog(@"%f", self.paramStack[20]);

This is mainly because an array cannot be returned, but a pointer can. I.E. this getter would be impossible and that's why you cannot create an array property:

- (double[100])paramStack;
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