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I got a date like this '1302104376' stored with the italian timezone UTC+1. I need to convert it into the format DD:MM:YYYY HH:SS, but with timezione UTC + 0 (GMT). Does exists a function that does the work, paying attention to the daylight period ?

Thanks for your help Simone

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Can you explain how daylight saving comes into it? When you say the data are stored in Italian timezone UTC+1 - do you mean literally UTC+1, or is it UTC+1 in winter and UTC in summer? And when you convert to GMT, is that literally UTC or is it UTC in winter and UTC+1 in summer? If your stored data is in "local" time, including daylight saving, then you have a headache because the mapping back onto UTC is not one-to-one - you have a repeated hour on the day when the clocks fall back –  slothrop May 23 '11 at 18:55

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This should get you close:

                    (1302104376/(60*60*24)),'DD:MM:YYYY HH24:MI:SS') the_date 
       FROM dual;

06:04:2011 15:39:36


You'll need to adjust your output accordingly for differences in timezones, DST, etc.

This site is highly instructive regarding epoch dates.

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How do I adjust this query for EST, since its giving me a 5 hour difference? Thanks –  pal4life Nov 26 '12 at 2:16

You could build on the result from DCookie's answer and add a call to SYS_EXTRACT_UTC



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