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I´m trying to graph a gaussian chart in php. I found the jpgraph library, but I don´t know how to use the $x, $y data. Please somebody who knows how to declare the axis. Thanks. This is my code:

while ($row = pg_fetch_assoc($sql))
    $ydata = array();
    $xdata = array();
    $ydata[] = abs(($row['grade']-$miu)/$sigma);
    $xdata[] = 0;
    for ($i = 0; $i <= 60; $i+=10) // put z value
        $xdata[] = 0 + $i;
        $ydata[] = 0 + $i;
    $graph = new Graph(600,400,"auto");
    $lplot = new LinePlot($ydata,$xdata);
    // Add data to X coordinate
    // Display the graph
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I already resolved it.

while ($row = pg_fetch_assoc($sql))
      $z[$i] = ($row['grade'] - $miu)/$sigma; // $z => arreglo con notas normalizadas
      $ordenada[$i] = (1/($sigma*sqrt(pi())))*(exp(-0.5*(($row['grade']-$miu)*($row['grade'] - 57))/(12*12)));                      
//rest of code
$p1 = new LinePlot($ordenada);
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