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Hey I have made a background in adobe photoshop which I would like to use on my UINavigationBar, but there doesn't seem to be any pre made way to do so. I have looked to some articles regarding that, but most of them seemed a bit confusing and some looked very outdated. So could someone enlighten me, how to achieve this?


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You want to set the background on the actual navigation bar itself? Like where the back button is? – Dan F May 23 '11 at 17:55
Yes, the navigation bar and I also would like to know how I customize the buttons on the bar, like the back button. – Samuli Lehtonen May 23 '11 at 18:21
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The supported way to do this is to create a custom subclass of UINavigationBar and implement drawRect: in that custom subclass to draw your image.

Then, in Interface Builder you should set up a nib with a UINavigationController in it - select the UINavigationBar instance in that nib and set its custom class to your subclass. When you load the UINavigationController from the nib, your UINavigationBar subclass will be loaded instead.

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The back button is automatically titled by default as the same title as the previous navigation item, or what you set to the backItem property on the navigation bar. You can also specify a leftBarButtonItem on the navigation bar for what you want to display there. There is also a rightBarButtonItem if you want a button in the top right.

As for customizing the drawing, Chris Parker has the right answer there with subclassing it and override the drawRect: method

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