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I'm having trouble making some method invocation assertions when testing a Javascript Object with QUnit + JsMockito. The basic infrastructure is working ok: Qunit, JsHamcrest(Jsmockito dependency) and Jsmockito are properly initialized at the suite definition.

I want to assert a call to "dataStore#create" method with an object as an argument, as follows:

var store = {create: function(arg) {}};

test("save()", function() {
  var dataStoreMock = mock(store);

  var objectUnderTest = { value: 'aaa',
                        dataStore: dataStoreMock,
                        save: function() {this.dataStore.create({name: this.value});}};
verify(dataStoreMock).create({name: 'aaa'});

I get the assertion error: "Wanted but not invoked: obj.create(equal to [object Object])"

My first suspect is that object equality isn't working as i expected, the proof is that the assertion works when used on calls that passes primitive data types instead of objects:

this.dataStore.create(this.value); //actual code
verify(dataStoreMock).create('aaa'); //test

I tried to use jsHamcrest 'equalTo' matcher (as exposed at jsMockito docs) without success as well :

verify(dataStoreMock).create(equalTo({name: 'aaa'}));

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this kind of assertion work?

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The assertion is checking the object itself, not its attributes, and the JsHamcrest 'equalTo' matcher does not do deep inspection of objects (it is the same as the javascript '==' operator).

You could simply check that it is an object:


or there is a JsHamcrest matcher 'hasMember', which you could use as:


If you're using a jshamcrest 0.6.4 or later (or the current HEAD), then you can also verify the member by passing matchers as a second argument to hasMember:

verify(dataStoreMock).create(hasMember('name', 'aaa'));
verify(dataStoreMock).create(hasMember('name', equalTo('aaa')));
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Thanks alot for clearing this. Please, feel free to post an update here when this functionality is merged. – Gustavo Barrancos May 24 '11 at 14:49
It's now available in the head of jshamcrest: – Chris Leishman May 25 '11 at 8:08
Already updated my tests and it's working! – Gustavo Barrancos May 25 '11 at 15:44

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